Maintaining Healthy Natural Hair

A lot of women convey dissatisfaction with their hair’s health. Manipulation of the hair, whether through the constant application of heat or chemicals or the pull of extensions, leaves hair quite fragile and prone to dryness. Women who choose not to go completely au natural shouldn’t despair. Achieving healthy hair can be as simple as conditioning with moisture protein and, of course, keeping the hair ends protected.

Moisturize and condition hair regularly. Properly moisturizing your hair is the key for anyone to have healthy hair and is even more essential for women of color or those with curly hair! The bends and coils in curly hair usually make it hard for natural protective oil produced by the scalp to reach the hair strand. And as a result, this lack of moisture makes the hair dry, unmanageable and brittle. Homemade and commercial black hair care remedies, like shea butter, glycerin and other hair conditioners, may be used to ensure that the hair is saturated with the moisture it needs.

Strengthen your hair. Women often experience breakage that goes unnoticed. While breakage may be obvious and measured,  it can be less conspicuous when the hair stalls at a certain length. Hair breakage is often attributed to the improper moisture protein content in hair strands. Protein provides a form of protective barrier to that hair that helps strengthen its strands. Women with tight curls, especially women of color, can maintain healthy hair by indulging in hair strengthening treatments, like eggs and other concentrated protein solutions, in their hair care routine.

Protect hair from the sun and other environmental pollutants. While healthy and strong hair can be achieved by strengthening and moisturizing treatments, all of the hard work can be thrown out of the window when it is not protected from the sun’s heat and other environmental elements. Improper brushing, chemicals, and even the heat of the sun can wreck havoc on the hair and will delay its month of progress. If you have shoulder length hair or something longer, it is best that you keep it off shoulders or this can result to split ends. Women who constantly use chemical applications or treatments, whether perms or hair relaxers, might want to stretch the duration between treatments or stop them entirely.

Trim once in a while. Women who want to keep their hair strong, healthy and vibrant need the ends trimmed every once in a while. Trimming the hair also gives you a new and fresh look.

Extra tips. Steam treatments provide deep conditioning of the hair and should be done together with light oil to seal the moisture inside the strands. The frequency of protein treatments may vary from one woman to another. Most hair experts recommend including light to intensive treatments every month or once every two months. For women who have natural, untreated hair, cassia or henna herbal paste may be used to make hair strands stronger and prevent damage.