Curly Girls Who Want to Wear it Straight

Thermal Naturals Love Bye Bye Parabens!   

August 15, 2013   

I was sitting here thinking Wow! We're coming up on our 1 year anniversary for Bye Bye Parabens and out of ALL the clients I service and all of the referrals I receive I only have 1 client that wears a relaxer in her hair! That's Amazing! I have that one stubborn client that refuses to let me grow herrelaxer out! ( She knows who she is) But given the many women I service that are curly girls who prefer to wear their hair straight I think the Thermal Natural movement is making great strides!

From a stylist prospective I LOVE the way Bye Bye Parabens performs on natural hair. Most products on the market are greasy and heavy and weigh the hair down. :( I truly believe we have created a special product that caters to the curly girl wanting to wear her hair straight. Bye Bye Parabens truly helps in making curly hair more manageable, tackles frizz control and locks in moisture. Our oils were created to be weightless and work beneath the first layer of the hair shaft and seal in shine all while helping to repair dry damaged hair.

I am committed to teaching women that your natural hair doesn't have to be greasy in order for it to be healthy.

Bye Bye Parabens- For the Curly girl that prefers to wear her hair straight!


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