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Quick Guide to Porosity

What is porosity?    Porosity is about how tightly the hair cuticle adheres to the surface of the hair shaft. Looser cuticle scales mean more gaps and holes in the surface and the hair will absorb more water and other substances from the environment. Wavy, curly and coily hair will tend to be more porous than straight hair. The spirals, curls and coils mean the surface of the hair has…

Curly Girls Who Want to Wear it Straight

Thermal Naturals Love Bye Bye Parabens!   August 15, 2013   I was sitting here thinking Wow! We're coming up on our 1 year anniversary for Bye Bye Parabens and out of ALL the clients I service and all of the referrals I receive I only have 1 client that wears a relaxer in her hair! That's Amazing! I have that one stubborn client that refuses to let me grow herrelaxer out! ( She…